Sunday, November 22, 2009

Authentic Masculinity

The male psyche is normally fragile and insecure because it is based on overwhelmingly external and transitory criteria, a game which almost all men eventually lose. The poor male has to look good and he has to defend the honor of his bank account, his family, his race, his country, but all in reference to himself! His question is not allowed to be “Who am I—really?”, but only “How do I look?”
That is precisely the opposite path from any authentic spirituality. Thus it was males who alone needed “initiation” in most indigenous cultures, and it was males like Jesus and Francis, who walked in the exact opposite direction. -R. Rohr

I feel lucky to have been made aware of this earlier in my life than most men. If most men even come to this realization at all. "Who am I...reallly?" One of, if not, the hardest question I've faced in my life. People often refer to me as firefighter as if it defines me. Internally I identify myself by my weaknesses. Being aware of these makes me struggle to realize the external aspects of my life are not who I am, only a product. Another way I subconciously use external things to mirror the internal. I'll continue to strive to walk the 'opposite direction.' I take into account and organize my internal strengths and weaknesses, fears and dreams, to realize who I am.

Which way are you walking?