Saturday, October 25, 2008

Be near me

While on this journey through life the same question arises. Amongst my other thoughts during reflection on what I have done and what I will do. The riddle pops into my head yearning for me to answer. Each time I respond the answer changes. It changes as my life progresses. "What is life?" or "What is reality?"
In a chaotic world full of confusion I strive for a patent moral compass. One capable of weathering any storm. No matter how lost or bewildered I become it always points me north. So that I may continue on my journey.
To create such a compass I must began with the question "what is reality?"
All of earth and space is matter. The ground, the air, sky and us. We are matter. Matter is energy. Light energy that creates matter by vibrations. Slower vibrations in the light energy are more denser objects such as rocks and the earth. Faster vibrations are liquids, gases, and flesh.
Harnessing the light energy in my brain I am able to form memories and thoughts. These thoughts allow me to create my own reality. A reality of light energy. In my reality my choices affect everything in it. My world changes as I change it.
When I encounter another human being reality becomes a co-creation of separate realities. Therefore my reality is projected onto yours and vice versa. If my world is full of love. Then now part of your world is love. If my world is hate. Then your world has in it hate.
In effect I everything I do is reflected onto the other realities I encounter. Therefore if my mission in life is to create a safe and loving world for myself, my family and my community then my reality must reflect that. So that my reality can project onto others to make that mission achievable.
This requires a man to being open and loving. Not just any form of love but truly unconditional love. Any true man is capable of that love. The love that God intended for us. A man must purge himself and his wounds carried from birth. That baggage, hate and fear must be removed so the space left can be filled with love. Not a cheesy love but one that burns deep inside. Burning love that ignites in others through smoking embers that float from one reality to another. Burning love that will began to catch other realities on fire. Now my reality is as I choose it to be. A flaming ball of love, openess and integrity to others.
So be near me and feel this burning love. Let the embers travel to your reality and ignite your own fire.


Crusty said...

WTF, mate? That's some deep shit. They really reconfigured your circuits at that homosexual exploration retreat you went to, didn't they?

No, that's some good stuff. I have some stuff I can recommend for you, which is congruous with these thoughts.

Some Mormon Scriptures

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The ultimate moral/life compass...I have this book at my house, if you want to borrow...

Everything else that comes from this dude is loony, but this book is good least read chapters 10-17, on matter, vibrations, opposites, etc. Or you can download the book for free

Let me know what you think. Thanks for coming to my rescue on Crusty last night...

Dirk said...

I forgot to mention...

Here's a link to some stuff that will REALLY help you establish a strong moral compass...